Youtube Trends We’re Almost Sick Of


Faith Beaubrun, Staff Writer

YouTube has grown to become the most influential social media platform to date. With billions of videos being watched daily, it’s easier now than ever to go viral, even for the most minuscule of things. YouTube creates a place where people can share anything on their channel no matter the genre. In recent years “YouTube trends” have popped up were people hop on a new fad to gain more views or popularity. Whether they’re a pioneer of the trend or hopping on the bandwagon, these YouTube trends don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.


Mukbangs (pronounced “Muck-bong”) are eating shows were people record themselves consuming large amounts of food in one sitting. They originated in South Korean webcam chat rooms. Korean Mukbangers are so popular they can earn up to $10,000 a month from  viewers who like watching them. Now YouTube has more Americans joining in on the trend that can rake in a minimum of 1 million views per upload.

If seeing someone eating a 12 pack of instant noodles, a whole pizza, and tacos for 2 while talking to a camera grosses you out then you may want to skip out on this trend. But to some, Mukbangs are relaxing and the whole purpose is to eat while you watch and listen to the YouTuber tell a story or discuss current events.


One of the strangest trends is ASMR, which stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. When you watch one of these videos it looks like one thing: someone whispering, chewing or making any noise into a microphone in a really creepy way. But to the lovers of this trend, it’s a euphoric sensation. The sounds of chewing, tapping on glass or crumpling paper are relaxing and can even help them fall asleep. Some ASMR video makers like “ASMR The Chew”  focus on eating sounds and is well known for her pickle videos. Others do a variety of things like open packages and pop bubble wrap.


Couples Channels

Couples channels have become really popular in recent years due to the economic success that comes with it. These “relationship goals” couples are able to use their influence to venture off into more lucrative markets and make real money outside of YouTube. Well known couples like De’arra and Ken and The Ace Family (both have 4 million subscribers) are able to get brand deals, move into their million dollar dream houses and document it all along the way. This is why there is such an appeal for becoming one of these couples, and everyday more and more channels pop up. These channels are known for doing pranks, Q & A’s, vlogs challenges,, and cooking for their fans who love to see their dynamic duo on camera.

YouTubers Turned Rappers

The most annoying of the trends has to be the YouTube rappers. YouTubers like Jake Paul and Rice Gum make rap songs about almost anything and diss tracks about fellow YouTubers. Behind these songs they shoot elaborate high budget videos that rack in millions of views. They are able to take over the whole internet for the time they are hot and become overplayed. The lyrics are not that great and is just a way to get kids to buy the song on iTunes.