Insidious: The Last Key

Insidious: The Last Key

Jordan Foldy , Staff Writer

Recently the fourth movie of the Insidious series came out called The Last Key. It came out on January 5th, 2017 and is an hour and thirteen minutes long and rated PG-13.  It starred Lin Shaye as the main character Elise Rinier,  Leigh Whannell as Specs, and Angus Sampson as Tucker.

Elise Rinier is a parapsychologist and she receives a call from a man that claims to be living in a haunted house. The house he claimed he was living in was Elise’s old home where she grew up. Her and her two sidekicks Specs and Tucker take a trip to the house to destroy her greatest fear and get rid of the demons that she released years earlier.

The movie came in strong with a $12.7 million grossing on Friday compared to other recent movies that like Jumanji which only had a $10 million grossing.

This was the first Insidious movie that I have seen. I was not lost at all because the other movies didn’t really correspond with this one. I really liked it; I loved the plot and I like how it was scary but not too scary. I normally don’t like scary movies but after watching this one I definitely want to see more. I wouldn’t really consider this a “scary movie” because I personally didn’t get scared, but I will admit that there was a few jump scares that caught me off guard.

My friends that I went with loved the movie. They thought that it was going to be scarier, but the plot made up for it. I think they should have made it a little scarier to keep it going and make it a little more interesting.

I would definitely recommend this for people who like movies that keep you on your toes and have plot twists all the time.