Slenderman, it’s scary bad.

Slenderman, its scary bad.

Christopher Vargas, Entertainment Editor

Sony is famous for bringing back forgotten characters in movie form, for no reason. The first time it was the Smurfs, then it was The Angry Birds Movie and now it’s Slenderman. And all of these movies were terrible but made a ton of money, Slender man is no different.  

Here is some history on Slender man. Slender man was an extremely popular “meme” monster back in 2009-2014.  He was the talk of the internet, everyone who was anyone wrote horror stories about him. He had such a huge presence that two 13 year old girls stabbed their friend and tried to kill her to please him in 2014. Then as the years go by his fame dwindled and he was a forgotten icon, until now.

In Sony’s attempt to ride Slenderman’s nonexistent fame they go through bad horror movie tropes. The plot is basic. Generic high school characters, with little to no character development, have to go find their friend after she summons Slenderman. And then horror ensues, involving death, self-harm, and really big plot holes. This movie barely shows Slender man until the end, so it’s a major let down. The movie is best being forgotten until you see it in the walmart discount movie bin.   

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