No Sugar Coating: The Nun


Walkyria Paz

The Nun is a mystery/thriller, released September 6th 2018, and the fifth installment of The Conjuring Universe. The Nun conjured up a franchise-record $53 million opening weekend with a budget of $22 million.

In all honesty, the movie was not all that great-the plot specifically was not great. The beginning of the movie is based deep in Romania in an abbey where two nuns are being chased by an evil presence disguised as a nun, which eventually kills one of the nuns and leads the other to commit suicide. Days later the nuns rotting body is discovered by a food delivery boy named Frenchie. Frenchie notifies authorities and authorities notify the Vatican. The Vatican sends one of their best exorcists, and a novitiate nun. The two take a trip to the abbey with the help of Frenchie. On the first night weird occurrences start to happen and obviously it gets very bad and tension filled. The exorcist and the novitiate nun fight the demonic presence to attempt to get rid of it.  Everyone is safe and sound-for a while. Frenchie later becomes possessed and becomes a research subject for the warren family. The end.

Graphics were wonderful. Pop up scares were unexpected and scary. The actors were beautiful and I was so happy they included Taissa Farmiga from American Horror Story. However, the plot was mediocre and expected. In ways that the audience knew what was next and how characters who should have died in the first five minutes, get miraculously saved *eye roll*. All in all, the movie only made money because of the hype of it being part of The Conjuring Universe, not because the plot was amazing and jaw dropping.

However, when the sixth movie comes out from The Conjuring Universe . . . I will be there.