Sierra Burgess is a Loser and a Nightmare

Sierra Burgess is a Loser and Nightmare Fuel. You won’t regret these spoilers as much as you’ll regret watching the movie.


Kailyn Licari, Staff Writer


Sierra Burgess is a Loser can be described in one word: Problematic. The Netflix original is about the high school senior Sierra Burgess who is mistaken for the popular girl, Veronica, by Jamey who is a jock from another school. Once Sierra figures out that Jamey thinks that she is Veronica, she keeps pretending to be her. Veronica herself is convinced to help. A story of unlikely friendship and unexpected romance in turn begins, or at least that is what the movie seems to be. In actuality, it is a romanticized story of sexual assault, petty revenge, and cat-fishing.

The whole movie centers around Jamey thinking Sierra is Veronica and Sierra trying to not get caught. Their “relationship” is supposed to be “cute” and “quirky” when that cannot be farther from the truth. Nothing about someone being deceived by their partner is “couple goals”. It is catfishing, plain and simple. The fact that the movie tries to make something like this romantic is a very problematic message on its own, but it gets even worse.

During a kissing scene in the movie, Veronica switches places with Sierra without Jamey realizing; Sierra kisses Jamey without his consent. This is sexual assault and also a case of double standards. If a female character was kissed without her consent, the backlash would be immense.

Later, Sierra catches Veronica kissing Jamey and she decides to expose the way she was dumped at a football game by posting a picture of Veronica and her ex-boyfriend on Instagram. Unfortunately, the picture spreads like wildfire and a male student puts it on the big screen at a football game Jamey was playing. The picture is adorned with bold text saying “Dumped in the DMs.” The revengeful act is not only petty but contradicts the role of a protagonist.

This movie has even more issues but the point is made. The only reason this hot mess of a movie should be watched is with friends for comedic purposes. No one should see Sierra as a role model let alone believe what she does in the movie is acceptable.