Shane Sparks Controversy Over Paul Brother Series


Alayna Reddick and Kailyn Licari

Shane Dawson is a respected veteran Youtuber who currently holds 17.7 million subscribers. Within the last ten months, Shane’s Youtube channel has turned to a series style layout, covering controversial individuals such as Kathy Griffin. This idea extends to awareness of topics such as a series done with Molly Burke, a Youtuber diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at age four, which brought attention to those who suffer from visual impairments.

Recently, Dawson began a series about the infamous Jake Paul, a vlog style Youtuber who has been under the spotlight for quite some time now. This series aims to tackle the effects of mental disorders, such as sociopathy and narcissism, in the Youtube community such as how it manifests itself within a internet personality. In this case, Jake Paul. The effects of talking about such issues has caused controversy to arise around the series; Dawson has come under criticism for how he presented the topic of sociopathy in the second installment of the series. He presented the ideas of this mental disorder with a edited element of horror, but later apologized for the way he executed the presentation of the series. With this apology, Dawson also wanted to make it prevalent that not everyone is a sociopath, and stressed the fact that sociopaths are not equal to psychopaths.This is due to the fact that the traits of these disorders vary greatly; all psychopaths are sociopaths, but not all sociopaths are psychopaths. Therefore he emphasizes that there is a sociopathic spectrum and most individuals do not fall in the extreme characterization.

The Youtube community continues to be shown the inner working of Jake Paul’s life, with more information being released with every addition to the Dawson docuseries. This includes insight into how his family dynamic might contribute to his current state which is laced with sociopathic tendencies. Audiences can continue to witness the development of Jake Paul’s psychological inner workings as evidence is revealed in Shane Dawson’s new series.


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