Alita: Battle Angel, bringing hope to a genre


Christopher Vargas, Entertainment Editor

    Alita: Battle Angel is a Hollywood live-action adaptation of a manga series called Battle Angel Alita by Yukito Kishiro. Alita: Battle Angel was set to release on February 14 and looks like a savior to the manga adaptation genre.  

   Manga adaptations aren’t well received due to one major concerning factor, “whitewashing.” For example, Netflix’s Death note takes place in America with a mainly American cast despite the manga series taking place in Japan. Then again in the sci-fi/thriller adaptation of Ghost in the shell harbors the controversy of Scarlett Johansen being the main role. This casting mistake lead to the film being a commercial flop.

Thankfully Alita: Battle Angel has none of that, according to the movie’s producer Jon Landau states “The author, Yukito Kishiro, did something very different: He wrote manga that is not set in an Asian world.” This statement holds true as the series takes place in a dystopian America. 

  The plot of Alita: Battle Angel is the same as the manga series Battle Angel Alita, and the movie will cover events that happened in the first 3 volumes of the 9 volume series. It takes place 300 years after a Great War and society has collapsed. And Iron City takes the biggest hit, as a mysterious and malicious organization runs it behind the scenes. Everyone in Iron City also has some form of cyborg augmentation. Alita (Rosa Salazar) is a cyborg found in pieces in a scrapyard by a cyborg doctor, Ido (Christoph Waltz). Ido fixes her up and realizes that she has no memory of her past. Ido also finds out that Alita has amazing potential in combat and could’ve been a fierce warrior. Ido shelters her from gaining back her memories as an act to protect her. However, Alita’s friend Hugo (Keean Johnson) helps her recover her memories while also trying to solve string of murders happening around Iron City.  

   The film has the prestigious studio Lightstorm Entertainment behind the movie. The same production company being the stunning visuals of Avatar.  So expect the futuristic setting of Iron City in the manga to be faithfully represented and the action scenes to be rightfully intense.

Here’s what some Chiefs here in Santaluces think of the movie.

“It’s an amazing movie! It has elements of scifi, action and mystery.” Said Olivia Griffin, Junior.

“It’s a pretty good movie. The effects were really good.” Said Enrique Ginnari, Junior.

Despite some Chiefs enjoying the film, Critics give the film a 59% average rating on Rotten Tomatoes, however the audience gives it a resounding rating of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes. Thankfully Alita: Battle Angel brings new life into the previously thought dead genre of manga adaptations. Here’s to good and accurate manga adaptations in the future!