Avenger’s Endgame is the final chapter of a decade long story. How do you think it will end? (Alicia DeMar)
Avenger’s Endgame is the final chapter of a decade long story. How do you think it will end?

Alicia DeMar

Avengers End Game: The Anticipation Is Heating Up

April 24, 2019

In 2008 there was Iron Man. In 2010 there was Iron Man 2. In 2011 Captain America and Thor came to the big screen. In 2012 The Avengers hit the theaters. Nearly a decade and twenty one movies later, Avengers: Endgame will be the final chapter to the story.  Possibly the most anticipated movie of this generation, Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th and it is projected to be the biggest domestic box office weekend of all time.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has given fans a decade long saga that people worldwide have grown to love. In some cases like my own, people have grown up with these movies seeing them for the first time when they were young children and now getting to experience the final story as young adults. For many this movie is ending a huge chapter in their life. A part of their life where they have formed a connection with these characters and have formed bonds with others around the world who share the love they have for this story.

Santaluces Chief Matthew Escalera has been a fan of the movies since he was a young child. He comments on the movie saying, “I am considering every single possibility when it comes to Avengers: Endgame. Watching the whole series wrap up after eleven long years from being eight all the way to eighteen now is a big moment for me. I know for a fact some of my favorite heroes will die and I am not emotionally prepared for that. Three hours is not long enough to end a series as perfect as this one. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time and I’m ready for whatever happens.”

Besides the incredibly long runtime of three hours, the film seems to bring little doubt to fans. Avengers: Endgame has quite a bit to live up to as a closing story to a twenty two film long saga but most fans seem to have faith in it after the thrilling and shocking end to Infinity War.

Santaluces senior Andrew Olson gives his take on the final film saying “I’m more excited for Avengers Endgame then I am prom. It’s heartbreaking to see the end of a saga that I grew up watching with my dad, but I am excited to see how it makes new beginnings. When I go to watch Endgame I am making sure that I don’t get a drink and I go to the bathroom when the trailers begin just because of how long the movie is. It is crazy how long it is but I can’t wait. I have no idea what the end credit scene could possibly be.”

It is needless to say that the anticipation is only growing in fans for this film. With spoilers lingering on the Internet and headlines alluding to a spectacular ending and a fight scene that tops all fight scenes, Avengers: Endgame is going to be a film people will not stop talking about anytime soon.

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