Fall into the Top 5 Most Anticipated Movies

August 23, 2019


Some of the most anticipated movies are expected to be released this year and many people are waiting for the upcoming sensations. Many of these top films are categorized into various genres for all ages, so if you have a hard time choosing which movie to see first, here are the top five awaited films coming out this Fall.



1.    21 Bridges (September 27): This action and suspense-filled movie, follows the life of an NYPD detective, Andre Davis, who is in search of the cop-killing murderers. The hunt continues throughout Manhattan in search of the killers when Davis unfolds a conspiracy about his late cops having a connection to the criminal realm. This shift causes him to question who he is trying to catch and who is after him. All 21 of the major bridges connecting to Manhattan are shut down in order to capture the enemy.


2.    Joker (October 4): It’s time to put your happy face on as the Joker nears theaters this October. In this film, the audience gets to experience the life of the Joker, also known as Arthur Fleck, alone in his own movie. We get to see how the Joker starts off struggling to survive in Gotham City as he works as a clown by day and a stand-up comedian by night. Stuck between the evilness of society and wise words of his mother, Fleck begins to transform into the criminal genius who is the Joker.


3.    Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (October 18): Following the sequel of Maleficent, this film showcases Princess Aurora’s recent engagement to Prince Philip. In opposition to this event, the sorceress Maleficent becomes involved in a battle between caring for her creatures from the humans. As the movie progresses, the relationship between Aurora and Maleficent becomes questioned as it begins to diverge as new alliances begin to formulate.


4.    Doctor Sleep (November 8): Following The Shining, Doctor Sleep continues Dan Torrence’s journey as an adult when a teenage girl, Abra, seeks his help to protect her shine powers from Rose the Hat and The True Knot.  Abra’s desperation to save her innocence from the immortal True Knot, causes Torrence to reawaken his powers bringing fear that the ghosts his pasts may emerge.


5.    Frozen 2 (November 22): Six years after Frozen was released, the public is now being introduced to its second part of the sequel by Disney. Although the trailers do not explain much of its story plot, we are aware that this movie follows Elsa searching for the secrets of her past. The Troll King warns Elsa that her past is not what she thinks it is and she must go into the land of the unknown. Throughout the movie, the audience will follow the journey of Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Kristof in search of the truth.


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