The Best Halloween Movies to Watch This Holiday Season


Sophia Clifton, Staff Writer

Halloween is a favorite holiday for millions of people across the world: the cool weather, spooky decorations, and most importantly, the movies. There are hundreds of Halloween movies with more coming out every holiday season. However, some of these scary films stand out among the others. This list will let you know the best halloween films you should watch this holiday season.


  1. Coraline

The first spot on this list is occupied by the 2009 Laika production of Neil Gaiman’s beloved novel, Coraline. The film follows a young girl, Coraline, who has moved into a strange, new town. Coraline’s move warrants her discovery of a small door in the walls of her new home. After crawling through the door, Coraline finds a life just like her own, but better. Coraline captures the story of a young girl’s bravery and strength to save herself and her family from unknown dangers in her very own house. This movie is great for Halloween, a perfect mixture of creepy and cute, Coraline offers all audiences the Halloween fantasy film they crave.


  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton’s classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas, has captivated audiences since its release in 1993. Beautiful animation and catchy songs offer audiences a family friendly Halloween flick. Although The Nightmare Before Christmas is kid-friendly, adult audiences can enjoy the film as well. A hauntingly beautiful love story offers audiences a more adult storyline to follow as well. Although some debate has ensued over whether The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween or Christmas movie, I think it can be reasonably enjoyed on both holidays. Whether you enjoy this timeless film on Halloween or Christmas, it is a perfect holiday movie for all audiences.


  1. Corpse Bride

Continuing in Tim Burton’s filmography, Corpse Bride is the 2005 Halloween film that is as heartfelt as it is frightening. Victor is arranged to be married to a beautiful young woman named Victoria. Victor is practicing his vows in the forest when he accidentally asks for corpse bride Emily’s hand in marriage instead. The story that ensues follows the land of the living and dead in returning to their rightful places in the world. Audiences can sympathize with both characters through the course of this holiday film. Corpse Bride offers beautiful music, captivating visuals, and a surprisingly mysterious murder plot. Audiences can enjoy this film at any time of the year, especially Halloween.


  1. IT

With the release of IT (2017) audiences fell in love with Stephen King’s storytelling all over again. This version of the timeless classic follows the Losers Club through Derry, Maine and their quest to kill the evil presence of Pennywise. Bill Skarsgård offers a terrifying take on the already frightening killer clown. The horror aspect of the film holds up, scaring audiences from the beginning of the film to its haunting conclusion. On the other hand, the kids in the Losers Club provide audiences with much needed comic relief throughout the film. IT is scary, funny, and surprisingly heartfelt.