‘Frozen 2’ Review


Sophia Clifton, Staff Writer

Frozen 2 has been long awaited by Disney fans since 2013. As a big fan myself, I’m happy to report that Frozen 2 was worth the six year wait. Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell return to their iconic roles of Anna and Elsa with new songs and outfits that fans will love. Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff provide the voices for Olaf, Sven, and Kristoff, as well as some much needed comic relief. Frozen 2 is a rare instance of a sequel that has lived up to, and maybe even exceeded, its predecessor. 

Surprisingly, Frozen 2 shows audiences a much darker side of the story we all know and love. The film is still family-friendly; complete with musical numbers and talking animals. However, the story mainly follows Elsa’s journey to find answers about herself and the source of her magical powers. After discovering secrets about their parents’ past in an enchanted forest, Anna and Elsa know they must find out more. Kristoff finds himself struggling to propose to Anna amidst the chaos. All of the audiences’ favorite characters are back and better than ever.

As almost everyone knows, the hit song from the first Frozen was ‘Let It Go.’ This time around, ‘Into the Unknown’ is the show stopping song performed by Idina Menzel. Both songs showcase Menzel’s incredible vocals and grab any viewer’s attention. Overall, the soundtrack of Frozen 2 seems to mirror the first Frozen, with a few exceptions. An honorable mention in the soundtrack is a lullaby that Anna and Elsa’s mother sings to them before bedtime: ‘All Is Found.’ The beautiful song is performed by Evan Rachel Wood, who joins the Frozen cast as Anna and Elsa’s mother.

In the end, Frozen 2 is a perfect example of how sequels should be done. The film pairs an amazing soundtrack with a captivating new storyline while still maintaining the reason everybody loved Frozen the first time around. The most amazing part of Frozen 2 is the theme of love and acceptance, one that needs to be told now more than ever.