The Oscars 2020


Sophia Clifton, Staff Writer

To open the long-awaited night, Janelle Monáe performed a show-stopping musical number that paid respects to some of the year’s best snubbed films. Our favorite celebrities walked the red carpet, dressed in their best dresses and suits. And, in an unexpected turn of events, the South Korean thriller, Parasite, took home four of the night’s biggest awards. The 2020 Oscars were a night to remember for audiences and filmmakers alike.

Despite many headlines, the night wasn’t as expected as many thought it would be. The lack of representation in this year’s Oscar categories didn’t stop the awards from making history multiple times. Director Taika Waititi took the ‘Best Adapted Screenplay’ award home for his film, Jojo Rabbit, and made history as the first indigenous person to do so. Later in the evening, Parasite made history as the first film not in the English language to win ‘Best Picture.’ The night was a happy surprise for audiences all over the world, especially South Koreans who are finally seeing themselves on screen. 

One of the strangest moments of the night was the opening musical number. As mentioned earlier, the number paid its respects to some of the snubbed films audiences loved. While Monáe sang and danced a group of movie characters danced behind her. Films like Midsommar, Us, Dolemite Is My Name, and Queen & Slim were referenced through elaborate costumes and dance. Although this was slightly better than nothing, it felt like a bit of a jab from the academy. Rather than offering any real recognition, the academy responded to backlash with a last minute dance number. The performance was amazing, yet it reminded me of the snubs from such amazing work.

Last but not least, Bong Joon Ho took the biggest awards of the night home, one by one. The South Korean director, known for Snowpiercer and Okja, took home a ‘Best Director’ award for his film Parasite. Bong also won the awards for ‘Best Picture’ and ‘Best Original Screenplay’ before the night was up. This win was one of the biggest surprises of the night as many audiences expected the war film 1917 to take home ‘Best Picture.’ In the Oscars’ 92 year history, films like Dunkirk or American Sniper have typically taken home the most awards. The change in tune is refreshing for audiences of all kinds to see.

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