What’s So Satisfying About Satisfying Videos?


Ryan Jayne

This photo features a couple of the types of videos that are featured in these “satisfying compilations.”

Ryan Jayne, Staff Writer

Pressure washing driveways, precise woodcutting, and making slime. Something these all have in common are the satisfaction that comes with observing videos of these things. It’s a weird trend, but it’s no surprise that millions of people view these types of videos each day. It still begs the question: is there a reason these videos are so satisfying for people to watch?

The trend began around 2013, when Reddit emerged with “/r/oddlysatisfying.” It features a wide range of videos that people can use to satisfy their cravings. To summarize what types of videos are shown, they can range from super precise machines doing their regular work, a timelapse of someone cleaning their driveway, or just poking holes in DIY slime. There’s just something about these videos that causes viewers to simply not want to look away from their screen. 

What do the students on campus have to say about these odd, yet highly satisfying types of videos? 

There is a wide audience of people who really enjoy these types of videos. Freshman Aiden Yamshchikov is one of these students; “Satisfying videos make me feel like everything is going right in the world and I kinda feel warm inside.” These short videos can be relaxing for some viewers, creating a nice thing to watch after a stressful day of school or work.

In opposition, senior Brandon Keough has a negative opinion on these videos. “I personally find them sorta satisfying, but also kinda stupid. I am not going to go out of my way to find them. Last time I remember seeing one was in band.”

Clearly, there is a mixed bag of opinions on what people feel about satisfying videos, but it is no surprise that this trend has continued for a very long time, and will most likely still continue to thrive.