EMMA Review


Sophia Clifton, Staff Writer

The classic Jane Austen novel, Emma, has been remade on the big screen about four times. The timeless story has captivated audiences for generations with its humor, romance, and wit. The most recent adaptation of Emma, directed by Autumn De Wilde, is perhaps the best take on the story yet. The beautiful cinematography and soundtrack in the film along with incredible performances from the whole cast make Emma. a must-see for all audiences.

Emma. tells the story of a rich and handsome young woman named Emma Woodhouse. Emma spends her spare time matchmaking, often in a misguided fashion. However, Emma has no love life of her own to focus on. When Emma meets a young woman named Harriet Smith, she decides to set her up with the smarmy Mr. Elton. Meanwhile, Emma’s brother-in-law and childhood friend, Mr. Knightley, judges Emma’s intentions with Harriet. Emma realizes the errors in her meddling and must fix all the problems she has caused. 

One of the most appealing parts of Emma. is the chemistry between co-stars Anya Taylor-Joy and Johnny Flynn. Playing Emma and Mr. Knightley, the pair deliver a beautiful and believable performance as ‘enemies to lovers’. In many past adaptations of Emma, Emma and Knightley have been farther apart in age and connection. Emma. sees the first version of the story in which the audience finds themselves enjoying the relationship they see on screen. 

Emma. is directed by Autumn de Wilde from a screenplay written by Eleanor Catton. The two bring a new life to Jane Austen’s classic story. Where most versions of Emma focus on the humor in the story, Wilde and Catton focus on the heart of it. Never before has the story of Emma been so full of heart.  By focusing on the relationships Emma builds rather than the humor in her failed matchmaking, Wilde and Catton create a more real and touching  version of the story audiences know. This is not to say that Emma. has no aspects of comedy. The perfect balance between love and humor is met in this adaptation. Audiences will find themselves laughing and crying while experiencing this old story in a fresh new way. Emma. is a film that everyone should see this quarantine.

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