“Among Us” Takes The World By Storm



Promotional picture for Among Us.

Azwad Ahmed, Editor

What started as a small multiplayer game has now erupted into a major gaming trend. Among Us is a multiplayer game developed by Innersloth studios. Among Us has adapted the characteristics of the popular card game, “Mafia”, where players have to identify the player that has the task of eliminating everyone else in the game. The game is set to place on a spaceship, where “crewmates” have to perform tasks of repairing the ship, while the “imposter(s)” try to eliminate everyone without being noticed. 

Players can vote who they believe the murderer is after an emergency meeting is called, or if a crewmate is killed. This can lead to either innocent crewmates being eliminated or the murderer(s) being kicked off the ship. Murderers have a set “cooldown” in between the times that they can kill a crewmate. Murderers can also “sabotage” the crewmates by cutting the lights, making a component of the ship go wrong, or depleting the oxygen. 

Among Us has been popular amongst kids and young adults, with a reported 300,000 players concurrently playing on Steam, beating out popular games like GTA V. Among Us has made its impact by bringing friends and gamers together during a pandemic ridden world. 

Senior Mylena Bressan plays Among Us in her downtime.

“I love playing it with my friends because we play for hours and laugh a lot,” she says. “Its the favorite part of my day. I love being the imposter.”

Senior Marc Frezin also loves being an imposter.

“My friends and I are usually on an audio call when we play, so I find it hilarious when they try to find out who the imposter is when I am the imposter,” he says.

Among Us costs $4.99 to play on PC, and is free to play on iOS and Android platforms. 

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