2020 Halloween Watchlist

Daniela Martinez, Staff Writer

Halloween is taking a trip down memory lane this year! Quarantine is preventing us from “Trick or Treating” or partying, but that doesn’t mean Halloween still can’t be a grand slam.  Buy some candy, grab a couple of friends (with safety protocols being exercised), put a costume on, and play a couple of films to spook the night away. With classics from our childhood, this is your 2020 Halloween watchlist:

Starting at number five, Monster House is a chilling thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With a group of three boys creeping up on a haunted house with an old man as it’s owner, the movie takes an unexpected turn when the boys get trapped inside.

At number four, Halloween-town is a classic that our generation cannot get enough of. A flying bus that takes kids in costumes to a magical land is exactly the distraction we need. How amazing would it be to leave this reality for a little? Watching skeletons, witches, and wolves roam around a town like it’s normal is definitely an adventure for its audience.

At number three, Casper, our friendly ghost, awaits you to embark on his journey. He’s not haunting a house, but he’s definitely creating chaos! He even befriends a little girl that lives in a house. A Halloween movie that will end the night with laughter and smiles.

At number two, Twitches, these twins are the heroes we never asked for, but never knew we needed. These powerful witches are the only ones who can save their kingdom from darkness.

And the best for last, The Nightmare Before Christmas, combines Halloween with the most wonderful time of the year (cues Andy Williams). The pumpkin king, Jack Skellinton, tries to steal control of Christmas. But the situation quickly turns sour when Jack realizes Santa’s job is a lot tougher than it seems. Jack should just stick to Halloween and being evil.

Bonus! Add ParaNorman, The Corpse Bride, Frankenweenie, and Coraline to your 2020 Halloween watchlist. You can never watch too many movies. This watchlist and spooky sugar cookies will ensure to lead you into a night full of thrills and adventures.

Click here for a spooky Tribe playlist you can jam to the entire night! Don’t be afraid to bop your head to “Monster Mash” or join Michael Jackson in his “Thriller” dance. Have a spooktacular night, hehe.