The Social Dilemma Review



The Social Dilemma is streaming now on Netflix

Miranda McRae, Staff Writer

The new Netflix film The Social Dilemma is a documentary about how technology is controlling our lives. Throughout the film, they talk about various things that these social media companies do in order to get us to use the social media platform. Now, this documentary isn’t just an ordinary person being interviewed and giving their opinion on technology. The people that are interviewed are people who have worked for big companies like Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Apple, and other big social media companies. These previous employees talk about how technology can be addicting. When we receive a notification our body releases dopamine which can be addicting. Dopamine is the chemical messenger that is released into the brain to make us feel happy.

The people being interviewed talk about how their companies work in order to make money and get people to use their app. Most of this documentary is directed to teenagers and how many teens are already addicted to technology and always feel the urge to check their phone. Now when these companies see you have been inactive for a certain amount of time, these companies will send a notification to your phone so you will check your phone to then get active on the app. That is why when you get a notification you may get the notification sound right away and then another 2 minutes later.

There is an algorithm for all of this. As you are scrolling through Instagram or whatever app, these companies are figuring out what to show you. This is where they make their money from advertising. Technology is one big company and we teenagers are the lab rats being used just so they can make more and more money. 

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