Apollo The Greek God

Apollo is one of the more well-known Greek gods.


Apollo is one of the more well-known Greek gods.

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Apollo is a Greek and Roman god. He is a god of many things, from music to even sunlight, which he’s best known for in today’s time.

He has many siblings; most people know one of them: Artemis, the goddess of the wilderness, wild animals, the moon, and charity. Even in today’s books, they’re closely related. In lore, for example, Apollo was only Artemis’ brother. In the book, they were close kins.

A statue of Apollo (Britannica)

As you may know, most gods in Greek mythology aren’t always good in our eyes. Keep in mind, to them they are doing what they think seems right. To some, it’s unfair, while to others think it’s completely fair. Apollo himself was some type of ladies man; he had many love affairs.

Many people think that Apollo created his famous instrument, the Lyre, made out of strings and tortoiseshell, but it was actually Hermes who invented it. The reason Apollo has it and is known for it is that one time Hermes decided to steal some of Apollo’s cattle. Once he found out, he demanded them back. Instead, Hermes began to play the Lyre. As the god of music, he was mesmerized; right then they made a simple deal, the Lyre for the cattle.

Ever since then, he was credited for inventing the Lyre.

The Lyre (Reddit)

Apollo helped the Trojans during the Trojan War. The main reason why he helped the opposing team was due to the fact that the Greek leaders abducted a young Trojan woman and was taken her for his own. The father of the Trojan woman was a priest to Apollo. Due to this, Apollo was angry that the Greeks had done this, so he helped Hector and the Trojans fight the Greek armies. It was Apollo’s guide of Paris, also known as the Alexander arrow, that struck Achilles in the heel and killed him.

The funny thing is Helios was the original sun god, but Titans and Titaness are very rarely referred to as gods or goddesses. The Olympians were the gods that came after the Titans; basically, any god or goddess who ruled the cosmos before the reign of Zeus had started as a Titan. But it was never made for sure who was who; in different times and different myths, either one was the god of the sun.

Apollo is still known for many things, so even if he isn’t seen as the sun god in other eyes, he for sure is a lot of other things.