‘The Unforgivable’ on Netflix



Sandra Bullock is the lead actress.

Melissa Eugene, Club Member

The Unforgivable is a drama/thriller movie that came out on Netflix on November 24, 2021. It features well-known actress Sandra Bullock. 

This story covers the story of Ruth Slater, a woman who recently just got out of prison for a heinous crime.

After being released following 20 years of confinement, Ruth is attempting to be accepted back into society. She struggles to be accepted by those around her and lives with the constant guilt of leaving her little sister Katherine, behind.

She tries everything she can to get in touch with her now grown-up sister, but continuously fails despite all her attempts. Katherine has memories of her sister, Ruth, but has a hard time accepting them.

Katherine’s adopted parents don’t want their daughter coming into contact with Ruth because of how Ruth just left her in danger, but Ruth believed she did what was best for her sister.

I don’t want to go too into depth with this story because I don’t want to spoil anything, but this movie was probably by far the best movie I’ve watched. The plot is so unexpected and would have you shocked. I’m not too fond of drama/thriller movies, but this one definitely caught my attention.

If you want to consider watching this movie, it is available on Netflix. Down below is the trailer link if you want an idea of what to expect if you plan on watching it.

The Unforgivable | Sandra Bullock | Official Trailer | Netflix – YouTube