Sam Smith Releases New James Bond Theme

Emily Saba, Writer

November 6th 2015 brings the release of the newest James Bond film, Spectre. With each installation of a “007” movie comes an almost as credible title song. The Spectre title song “Writings On The Wall” was released, and is composed and performed by the world famous artist Sam Smith.

You may be familiar with Adele’s hit “Skyfall,” which was created for the film of the same name. This song earned many recognitions, such as an Academy Award, Golden Globe, and a Grammy. “Writings On The Wall” appears to have the same potential to become a success, as it recently topped the U.K. Singles Chart, which is a first for any James Bond theme.

This song was almost as anticipated as the movie itself. Sam Smith has succeeded in creating a theme that has a classic “007” feel with a twist that makes it unique to all others; it’s a love song.

Some ridicule the song for not fitting the tough figure that James Bond is. However, it portrays a vulnerability for love, and it makes Bond more relatable as a character.