New York Fashion Week Trends

What’s in and what’s out


Faith Beaubrun , Fashion Editor

With spring comes warm weather, new life, and new fashion. All the top designers and new-comers have unveiled their spring collections at New York Fashion week. The majority of us can’t afford the extravagant looks coming down the runway so we have no choice but to gawk on the sidelines -or behind computer screens- at the wearable art.

Fashion week is responsible for all the new trends we’ll see at mall stores in the incoming season, for less of course. Last season, brands like Gucci revolutionized the fashion world and we couldn’t go anywhere without being bombarded by shirts, jeans and shoes with bold flower embroidery. But this season, embroidery is out. So is camo apparently (I’m still going to wearing it) and other trends. Now the replacement trends are bolder, business savvy and very…80s. I guess The Matrix is a thing also. When you see these trends at a Forever 21 or H&M near you, don’t say I didn’t warn you. These are the trends that were most prevalent in multiple shows and have bulldozed over past trends.

What’s Out and What’s In:

Out: Camo –  In: Animal Print

Camo prints are being replaced by leopard and cheetah print leggings and coats. Tom Ford centered his whole collection around these loud prints in different colors. You’ll be sure to see more animal prints probably in less bright colors in stores soon.

Out: 90s – In: 80s

90s style is always being reintroduced into fashion every year with store’s best sellers being baggy pants and cropped tops.  Those seems like its here to stay…but a new era reboot is making a break through. In Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang’s shows 80s styles included the likes of  shoulder-padded blazers, leggings, windbreakers and fanny packs. Its easy for 80s style to looking cheesy and gimmicky but the era’s stand out styles could be integrated into today’s trends.

Out: Fishnet – In: Colored Tight

Fishnets were a big street style hit last year and now high fashion is taking note. Whether it’s brightly colored, opaque, printed, sheer, or semi-sheer tights are the perfect accessory and accent to any outfit. I personally love both fishnets and colored tights -so did Moschino and Alexander Wang -and wearing them under skirts, dressing and jeans and make your look less boring. So don’t skip out on a new pack of tights.

Out: Small bags – In: Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are the new backpack, tote bag and side bag. Now they are more stylish, made of high quality materials  and not just being wore around the waist. Marc Jacobs collection showcased different styles of the little convenient bags. The across the shoulder style is new, fresh and fashionable.

Out: Floral Print – In: Plaid

Plaid is making and come back. The print that was popularized in school uniforms and preppy style, and now is featured in coats, pants, and tights as the cool, new, in print. The print was given a sophisticated touch at Vivienne Tam’s show and even now is for sale at retailers.

Out: Muted Tones – In: Bright Colors

Olive green, baby pink and lavender is being replaced by magenta, mustard yellow, and orange and I’m not so sure if I’m here for it. These loud colors are not my preference but I seen the need for a change in the color scheme of fashion. Dull dusty colors will still be seen in stores but make way for the yellows and hot pinks.


Marc Jacobs

Out: “Ath-leisure” – In: Work Wear

Dressing like a Firefighter is not just for Halloween anymore. Work and office inspired wear was seen on the runways of Calvin Klein and Alexander Wang. You’ll be sure to see more blazers, worker jackets and pant suits in stores.




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