Non-Prescription Glasses: A Look Into This Summer’s Eyewear Trend


Israel Taylor , Enterainment Editor

Spectacles have always been the last resort for anyone with impaired eye sight because inevitably they would be called four eyes and over encumbered with embarrassment. This season, the tables have completely turned, glasses are now a great way to accessories an outfit instead of wearing shades with a specific colored tint. It’s also very safe to jump into this trend because to execute this trend the lens must be clear.

“I wear them everyday because they complete every outfit I wear,” said Tajae Jacques

This trend somewhat alludes to the 2010 trend of taking glasses given to view 3D movies and then popping out the lenses to then wear casually. Though it looked horrid, it was popular among elementary and Middle school students. Now, in 2016, this style has matured and taken new life.


Tajae Jacques sporting her non-prescription glasses.