iPhone 8: Yay or Nay?

Stephanie Ballesteros , Staff Writer

The anticipated new iPhone has finally come out Friday, September 22. Many criticize this new phone saying its no different than the older generations. However, with it being brought out into this world, so did all of its greatness. This phone indeed lives up to its fame.

First off, the design is just the cutest. Its new all-glass design is absolutely stunning. It gives the phone a more glossy look. The bonus is that this glass is the most durable glass there is for a smartphone; it comes front and back.  The downside is that only 3 colors are offered: Gold, Space Grey, and Silver. The so desired rose gold iPhone will no longer continue its legacy in the iPhone 8.

This phone is not only water resistant, but dust resistant too. Apple is definitely stepping up its game!

It also offers wireless charging. However, a wireless charger is NOT offered with the packaging and costs $60 from Apple to purchase. It only comes with the basic essentials: earbuds, power adapter, headphone jack adapter, and lightning cable to USB cable.

The camera quality is by far better than the rest of the generations. It is a 12MP camera. It even offers an optical image stabilization. This helps pictures to be more focused even when on the move while taking it. Also, a variety of new color filters are also offered. This new camera also has a portrait option, which basically is a mini photo studio on the go. This allows you not only to have different color filters, but also different lighting options.

A new chip is also offered for this phone. A much more intelligent and powerful chip: A11 Bionic. This allows augmented reality and less battery spent on basic apps such as Snapchat and Instagram Also, this chip is up to 25% faster CPU and 30% faster GPU.

Overall, this new iPhone is definitely worth the buy if you have lower than the iPhone 6s. However, if you have the iPhone 7, then this phone isn’t really worth the buy. In that case, you should probably just wait until the iPhone X is released.