Fall Trends: What’s In?


Faith Beaubrun , Fashion Editor

Autumn has begun and runways, store fronts, and people are switching up their styles for the new season. Here is what high fashion labels and popular retailers say are the top trends for the fall season.

What the runways say: 

Thigh High Boots

Over sized Ruffles




Red and Gen Z Yellow 


What stores say: 

Forever 21 describes their fall fashion trends as denim, vintage 70’s and jewel tone clothing, which are all prefect for fall.


H&M describes their fall collection as “Power, Glam, Sass” which includes sophisticated office wear, glittery fabrics, faux leather, bold coats and black and gray tones with splashes of red and blue.


Urban Outfitters describes their fall aesthetic as “That 70’s look” with fleece material, turtle necks, wide-leg pants and neutral earth tones. Also, “get cozy” with comfortable, soft, warm fabrics, over sized cardigans and layering  being at the forefront.