iPhone 8 vs iPhone X

Jordan Foldy , Staff Writer

Apple just recently announced the release of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. There has been a debate about if people will splurge to get the X. Would people rather stick to the 8 because of the price, spend the money and buy the X, or would they rather stick to the phone that they have and not spend any money.

iPhone X

 I went around the school asking students for their opinions and out of thirty people, seven people chose the iPhone X. They said that it was worth the $999 and that they love the size of the phone because it is bigger and they love the idea of facial recognition. The phone is all screen there is no home button.

iPhone 8

Fifteen people that I asked chose this one because it has a more affordable monthly payment compared to the iPhone X. The iPhone prices are very different, the iPhone X is $999 and the 8 is $699. “I would choose the iPhone 8 because it is more advanced and has a better camera than the phone I currently have. I wouldn’t want the X because I don’t like how it doesn’t have a home button and I am not interested in the iPhone X,” said sophomore Angelica Torres.

The phone they have

Eight people out of the thirty that I asked chose to keep the phone that they currently have. Some people don’t agree with Apple and their design so they would rather have the phone that they have right now. Others can’t afford a new phone and think that the 8 is just like the iPhone 7 and it doesn’t make any sense to upgrade. A lot of Samsung or galaxy users say that the iPhones can break easier and they wouldn’t want to spend the money on a phone that is just going to break. One girl said ” My phone is just like the 8 but the 8 is just bigger.” said by   sophomore Anja De Nobriga.

So out of all three options the most popular was the iPhone 8. It’s the most reasonable if you want to spend money on a new phone but don’t want to splurge on the X.