Homecoming Photoshoot Tips

Jordan Foldy, Staff Writer

Beside the actual dance the photos are one of the most important parts of homecoming. They are the pictures that you will end up showing your children and everyone wants them to turn out great. They last longer than the actual dance.

A good place to take pictures is by a lake it’s classy and there are a lot of lakes in neighborhoods. Its a busy background but at the same time it still allows you to focus on who ever is in the picture.

Another good place could be on stairs. You can stand side by side with all your girl friends. A good idea is you all can stand facing to the side and each of you have your hand on the same hip.

For couples you could stand side by side and he would have his arm around you. The girl could get on the guys back. They could stand side by side with his arms around her.

A good time to take to take pictures is around 4 to 6 because the sun is still out but it’s not as strong. If your pictures are inside then you should use the flash on the camera.

You should try to get the most amount of angles that you can in order to keep the photos interesting and avoid them seeming repetitive.