No Sugar Coating: What Do Your Eyebrows Mean to You?


Walkyria Paz, Staff Writer

They come in different shapes: some are arched, some are straight, some are thin, and some are thick. They come in different colors: some are blonde, some are brown, some are black, and some are red. We all have them. They are all unique in their own ways. They make our facial expressions come to life. They are–our eyebrows.


Marcela A. 

“I think my eyebrows are a really important part of my face because that’s one of the first thing people look at when they see your face. Eyebrows are an art.”

Christopher V.

“As a guy they mean nothing to me, but I know for girls they mean a lot because of beauty standards.”

Madison E.

“Uh not everything. I mean, they are my expression but I don’t need them.”

Natalie B.

“It is important to me to keep up with my eyebrows because they frame my face.”

Stephanie B.

“I have to wake up in the morning to do them, without them I feel incomplete.”

Jahlissa G.

“I feel like I have been blessed with my eyebrows because they are thick and have a good shape.”