The Spot: Kilwins Chocolates


Gabrielle Villanueva, Staff Writer

The idea of ice cream sounds amazing after the beach. This place does not just offer original ice cream, it also offers delicious sweet treats such as chocolates and caramel-covered apples.

Kilwins was established in 1947 in Massachusetts and there are currently more than 80 branches around the United States. Their slogan is “Sweet in every Sense since 1947.”

There are plenty of ice cream flavors that this place offers. There are at least 40 flavors available in the restaurant. There are different options based on your mood that day. There are flavors that can be really sweet such as Cake Batter, NSA Caramel Ripple to a holiday treat such as Pumpkin Pie if you are feeling the fall vibe, Peppermint flavor if you are feeling a Christmas vibe. Also, if you want to travel to different places without spending money, then try their authentic flavors such as New Orleans Praline Pecan, French Silk and many more.

Their are different scoop choices for every ice cream. For a single scoop of any ice cream it is be about $4 with tax; for a double scoop it is be about $6 dollars including tax and a quart of ice cream is around $12.

Kilwins also offers different types of sundaes and fudge. One of their best sundaes is their Rocky Road Sundae which consist of their old fashioned ice cream served in their homemade waffle bowl with hot fudge and caramel. They also add crust pecans topped with special whipped cream and a cherry. Their freshly baked fudge is moist and dense due to the melting chocolates.

Kilwins has been a family go-to if people want to buy chocolates for their loved ones. Teenagers love getting ice cream with their friends and Kilwins serves them really well. Kilwins is not just an ice cream parlor or a chocolate store but a welcoming place to visit and eat their delicious treats. Every bite will give you joy and happiness.






Lake Worth Branch:

10 S Ocean Blvd, Lake Worth, FL 33460


9 am – 10:30 pm.


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