Keeping Tradition Alive With Virtual Open Mic


Christopher Vargas, Staff writer

It’s been one month since online learning began. And despite the distance, Senior English teacher Mrs. Schroader is keeping school traditions alive.

Throughout the school year, Mrs. Schroader arranges one day where students can have an open mic. This event was generally the last school day of the month where any student can talk about anything in front of the whole class and everyone listens. For example, one student can sing a song if they please or even read some original poetry. And most importantly ,a student can share how they feel with their classmates. 

Mrs. Schroader has been doing open mics with her classes since 2011. Her main inspiration for came from reading “Bronx Masquerade” by Nikki Grimes, where the main character was a teacher who held open mics in his classroom.

To keep this tradition going strong Mrs. Schroader set up a special Google Meet call during a time where an open mic is most needed.  

“I think open mics are important now so kids have a place to share their frustrations, fears, successes, etc.,” said Schroader.

Mrs. Schroader also believes seniors benefit from an open mic in all the confusion and emotions concerning graduation and online classes. 

“There are a lot of uncertainties and most students don’t know where to find the answers,” she said. “I feel Open Mic is also a solid place for seniors who are unable to articulate some of their own emotions – it can be nice to hear someone else who is able to express those emotions and connect.”   

Despite the distance between students there can still be unity in the classroom, and re-establishing a classroom tradition in this time can go a long way for all students’ mental health.