Yes, School Should be a Runway


Marie Bobb

Chavelle Colins, senior, never has an off day when it comes to style.

Marie Bobb, Staff Writer

For as long as I’ve been attending school I’ve been told repeatedly that fashion and school don’t mix, that you shouldn’t have to impress anyone by getting dressed, and of course that school isn’t a runway. Well in fact, it is, without even thinking about it we all strut down a runway everyday in and out of school. Fashion shows give us a look into the latest trends and what everyone should be wearing. Walking around school is literally the same thing. You see people walking around in their latest, hot, and fashionable clothing and that encourages us to go out and buy these looks so we can look just as good.

I believe school really is a way for teens to express their sense of style since teens don’t have many places to go to other than school. School shouldn’t be made out to seem so miserable by telling teens they should only come for educational purposes. Letting them know that they can come and show off their new shoes will make them feel better about coming to school. By telling teens that “school isn’t a runway” they’re not going to want to wear their new shoes because there wouldn’t be a point if no one cares. Let them know people are watching, imitating, and being inspired by your look.

Now, of course, education is a main priority when it comes to school but being  able to walk down the hallways with a high head and fashionable clothing is almost just as important. What people fail to realize is that when you just come from a school with restricted uniform you’re going to want to go all out once you get the opportunity to and throughout the years it’s something you just get used to. Hearing compliments is proven to put you in a slightly better mood, from “I love your shoes” to “I’m loving that jacket!” we all love hearing people praising our looks and its always a boost of confidence to ourselves.

So if you are loving your outfit but some else thinks its a little too much and that school isn’t a runway, think about all the other people who may love it. You should never restrict your sense of style because of the judgement of others, strut to your locker with your head high as though you’re walking down a runway.