Friendzoned or No-zoned?


Ilisha Strassler

Your crush don’t owe you a relationship, even if you have been friends for years.

Ilisha Strassler, Staff Writer

Putting yourself out there is hard, you have to deal with that constant feeling of anxiety gnawing at you, but at the same time, if it all goes well, it’s worth it. But what about the possibility that it doesn’t go well? What if your crush decides that you’re better off as friends? This means you have entered the friendzone and people rarely escape it.

My freshman year consisted of me not only being friendzoned but sisterzoned, I spent majority of the year pining after a guy who didn’t share my feelings and I’m glad it worked out that way. It wasn’t his fault he didn’t share my feelings but I couldn’t help but feel a bit bitter.

The friendzone is a place made up by people who think their crush is obligated to date them. It’s almost a way to cope with rejection. Your crushes aren’t always going to return your feelings, that’s just life. Some people think that if they were a less attentive friend to their crush, maybe they would be dating.

Nice guys don’t finish last and if you feel like your crush owes you a date because you’ve been nice to them, you truly aren’t nice. Your motives are selfish and no one owes you anything. If your crush chooses the rebel over you, let them. I know rejection hurts, but don’t blame your crush for not sharing your feelings. We’re teenagers, so we might not always handle things as maturely as we can, but this is something we should. Feelings are complicated and we need to respect people’s feelings.

This doesn’t mean we should make up a fake place called the friendzone. Your crush doesn’t owe you anything and complaining about unrequited love isn’t going to win them over. Your crush had no intention of hurting your feelings, especially if they consider you a friend.