Kardashian Breaks the Internet? Who Cares?


Kim photographed with her husband and daughter, North West.

Ilisha Strassler, Staff Writer

Kim Kardashian recently released a series of revealing photos for Paper magazine. Kardashian got paid nothing for the naked part of the shoot, according to E News. These photos, like everything in the celebrity world, caused a huge controversy. Some asked, Should the new mother be setting such an example for her daughter? But I raise an even bigger question: Who cares?

Kardashian has done more risqué photoshoots in the past- like the one done for GQ magazine this fall- and her being a mother isn’t going to change that. This campaign called, “Break the Internet” was clearly a publicity stunt and a well done one at that.

Kardashian should be able to do what she wants, which includes balancing a glass on her behind. Kardashian had taken the photos with her consent, versus celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence who have had their naked photos leaked without their approval. If she willingly had those pictures taken of her, why should I care?

Other celebrities have been outraged over the photos; Naya Rivera has expressed her feelings by commenting on one of Kardashian’s photos from the campaign, “I normally don’t. But… you’re someone’s mother…”

But why does it matter if Kardashian is a mother? Would this behavior be okay if she wasn’t? Being a mother shouldn’t mean you should forfeit your right to being able to be sexy. Although I think there are a lot of things wrong with taking naked pictures to gain publicity, being a mother isn’t one of them. The Kardashians have been using their bodies to gain fans for years. They haven’t done anything to benefit the world or even done anything worth mentioning, that’s what should be causing outrage, not the fact that a mother took naked pictures.

If anything, the only thing shocking is the amount of oil she had to put on.