“Group” Projects


Ilisha Strassler

In group projects, someone always gets stuck doing all the work and it is usually me.

Ilisha Strassler, Staff Writer

The greatest thing about school is the group projects; I just adore them. I love how I always get stuck doing the work, even if my group promises me they’ll get their part done, because I’m the nerd in the group. My absolute favorite is when someone promises that they did the work, but the day before it’s due, they’ll go up to me and tell me they haven’t done anything.

I would honestly be fine with getting assigned a project to do by myself, because that’s what usually happens anyway in group projects.

One of the worst experiences was my freshman year when I was put in a group project. I ended up doing all the work (big shocker).  My group then surrounded me before the presentation and told me that they had no idea what they were doing because I did the project. They then asked me to write them a script to read during the presentation.

These were fifteen year olds who would be driving on the streets in a few months. They had no problem with driving, but they were incapable of doing a few slides on a powerpoint and speaking in front ten people.

Sophomore year was much better. I still did everything myself, but at least the kids in my group stayed and actually attempted to look like they had interest in the project.

My junior year is actually the best so far when concerning group projects, that’s probably because I haven’t had any.