Say Farewell to the Fair


Skylar Cross, Staff Writer

This year, the South Florida Fair proved to be successful by the looks of endless lines and constant crowds.

With the theme being the “Las Vegas exposition,” the fair didn’t really reflect that. There was one Elvis, but that was really it. So it was basically just the average fair, no real theme. Regardless, it was slightly enjoyable.

For the main reason that I went with my friends, otherwise the fair itself was not that great. Especially because I pretty much tossed almost $100 out the window in under 6 hours. I spent $55 before I even stepped foot onto a ride. The ticket for entry alone was $25 on top of any of the tickets to get onto the rides. It was difficult finding a food item that wasn’t nine dollars and any drink under five. The dollars added up quickly.

“It was okay,” said an anonymous junior. “I think it could have definitely been better.”

The fair was much more fun when I was a child—and when I didn’t have to pay for it. So I guess you could say, I most likely wont be returning to the fair next year.