In Love with Valentine’s Day


Ilisha Strassler

Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to be in a relationship.

Ilisha Strassler, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is considered one of the worst holidays for single people. But in all honesty, I don’t care about all the couple part. The couple parts may stink, but the actual message behind Valentine’s Day is what really makes February 14th special.

Valentine’s Day has a lot of stories behind it. My favorite involves a priest that lived in the fifth century. The priest was named Valentine and he lived in the Roman Empire. The Emperor believed that soldiers would be more willing to risk their life if they didn’t have wives or a family. The emperor then made it illegal for young men to get married. Valentine was outraged and would marry couples in secret. He was later caught and imprisoned. The day before his execution he wrote letters to all the couples he married, pleading them to celebrate their love he’s dying for. His execution day was February 14th.

Valentine’s Day is about love, not romance. I love my friends and my family, I don’t need romance to celebrate it. People tend to take things for granted, and while we should celebrate our love for our friends everyday, Valentine’s Day is here to remind you that you can do little things to show your loved ones that you care. People get so caught up in their lives that we forget to appreciate the people who support us daily.

Besides, if you hate Valentine’s Day, at least all the chocolate goes on sale on February 15th.