Book Recommendation: Persepolis, A Great Graphic Novel


As I am not much of a reader of graphic novels,Persepolis(a classic nonfiction memoir) by Marjane Satrapi, was a novel I had to read. This memoir takes you through the personal and public life of Satrapi from the ages of six to fourteen.This story, filled with hope, love, war and humor, is the pinnacle of Iranian life and sacrifice.

At that time, the Shah’s regime was overthrown and the Islamic Revolution started . Satrapi and her parents had to endure a whole new government along with a devastating war with Iraq and with the Arab invasion. These two main events wanted the shiites and sunnis as one Islamic body. Having half of the Iranian civilians oppose this, new rules took place to make it feasible. One of the rules was the wearing of the veil, and it was mandatory for all females of all ages.  Following losses, torture and grief, a ray of hope and promise lingers throughout the book that makes you hopeful of a better ending for Satrapi. After finishing this book, you can pick up  Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return.

Before reading this book, I had a clear understanding of the Iranian Revolution; however, I did not know all the details and facts. This book was a lesson for me, conveying the experiences the Iranians went through.  In the early 1900’s, after oil was discovered in Iran, Great Britain took heavy interest in Iran. As World War II approached, the British, Soviets and Americans asked Reza Shah to ally with them against Germany. Refusing to do so, the allies invaded and occupied Iran.  From that time on, Iran has gone through crisis and fighting. Persepolis is of Iran and the chaos it spiraled through. But mainly, it is about a little girl and the obstacles she faced during this period. Satrapi at a young age had to witness shooting, bombings and separation of her parents. This book is the the life of Iran through the eyes of a little girl.