Restaurant Review: The Diner


Skylar Cross, Staff Writer

The Diner, located in Boynton Beach on Gateway and Congress, is a restaurant that most people have yet to hear of. This self-titled Diner is flooded with regulars and attracts people with it’s authentic, home-style cooking.

Recently, The Diner started serving dinner in addition to their notorious breakfast.

This small diner has the best french toast you’ll ever have, as well as the best chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes. Oh yeah, and also almost any flavored maple syrup you can think of.

Although you’ve probably never heard of it, this restaurant is definitely worth a try. With a cute esthetic that mimics a small town diner as well as great service and great food, The Diner is overall the best breakfast, lunch, and dinner available in all of the Boynton area.


Chocolate chip pancakes at The Diner.
“The Lumberjack” and Egg White Frittata.




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