Homemade Summer Time Fashion Trends


Marie Bobb, Staff Writer

After long days of waiting, summer is here! Summer doesn’t just bring cold drinks and sunscreen, but summer also brings out the fashion sense in a lot of people. Though, those fashion statements aren’t always the most affordable. The cheapest way to obtain the best summer fashion is to make your pieces for yourself. Here are some easy, homemade clothing options for summer:

High Waist Shorts

High waist pants made into cute shorts
High waisted jeans made into cute shorts

High waisted shorts are one of my favorites and also one of the easiest homemade clothing items. Check out any local thrift store and purchase high waisted jeans (mom jeans) and cut them to any length that you want. Wallah!


Super stylish homemade tie-dye shirt
Super stylish homemade tie-dye shirt

These type of shirts are cute in any season, but summer has to be the best season to rock them. You can easily purchase a tie-dye kit at most local stores such as Target or Wal-Mart.

Crop Tops

Basic white tee cut up and turned into darling crop top
Basic white tee cut up and turned into darling crop top

Crop tops can be purchased in stores all around the world, but why buy them when you could easily make your own? Any old shirt that you’ve been thinking about throwing into the trash can easily be turned into a crop top. This works best with larger shirts, including the ones you’ve probably slept in. Simply cut the sleeves and bottom to the lengths you want, and you’ve got yourself a new crop top.


Cut Sweatpants

Shorts originally made by Aliexpress but can also be made at home.
Shorts originally made by Aliexpress, but can also be made at home.

Now this may sound a little wacky at first, but why not turn those winter sweatpants into cute shorts? Sweatpants can be purchased almost anywhere that clothing is sold, so they’re easy to find. All you’ll need is some scissors, a needle and thread, and a pair of sweatpants of your choice. First, cut them up to the length you want, then you could either roll them up or sew them up so the ends don’t shred.

Summer Dress

Tank top turned into super chic summer dress
Tank top turned into chic summer dress

We all have those random, big tank tops that we don’t know what to do with anymore. Those tank tops can easily be turned into cute summer dresses. The picture above explains the steps it takes to achieve this style.

All of these styles are super cute and easy to accomplish. Not only will you look absolutely fabulous, but if you’re ever bored in the summer, now you’ve got a brand new hobby.