The Case for Jill Stein

Matthew Leto, Sports Editor

 Jill Stein, a former physician, is now a viable third option for the next commander in chief. Dr.Stein has been a leading name among the Green Party for years, and as frustrations grow with the two main presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Jill Stein is breaking onto the national stage as voters scramble for a possible third option.

While Dr. Stein was a physician during the 1990’s, Dr.Stein noticed a link between pollution and toxic waste to illness in her patients, and ever since then she has been a devoted and renowned environmentalist.

In early 2002, the Green Party approached her to run for the Massachusetts governor position, and she has been a dedicated politician ever since. Most people associate the Green Party, with the ideas of environmentalist, peaceful social liberals, and those people are not wrong.

Dr. Stein’s campaign platform is built upon the environment, Stein wants to create 20 million new jobs while transitioning to 100% clean and renewable energy by 2030. While the intentions behind transitioning to renewable energy is great to imagine, Dr.Stein is forgetting the pickle of politics with the great debate of climate change. A second major push of Dr.Stein’s platform is education reform, and she wants to quite simply, push for the abolishment of student debt.

If Clinton and Trump disappoint you like they do me, Dr. Stein is a viable option for presidency.