Best Christmas Songs

Jordan Foldy , Staff Writer

Christmas is one of the most favored holidays, and people look forward to it all year long. To get into the spirit most people watch movies and decorate, but the most exciting thing to do is listen to Christmas music. It’s a fun time to just jam out in the car with your family and listen to Christmas music. Some of my top 5 favorite Christmas songs are…

1.) Christmas By: Mariah Carey

Jordan Foldy

This is one of my all time favorite Christmas songs. When this song plays it just reminds me of Christmas. If Christmas had a theme song this would definitely be it. Mariah Carey has such a strong voice I feel like she really can express the joy of Christmas.

2.) Last Christmas By: Ariana Grande

Jordan Foldy

This is a great song to jam out and it kinda has a modern twist on it. I love to listen to this on the way home from school. Me and my friends love listening to this song when we are just relaxing and drinking hot coco. Its a sad song, but in a good way as it can help you get out all of your feelings.

3.) Sleigh Ride By: Pentatonix

Jordan Foldy

This is a great group of younger adults who sing songs acapella style. My parents love them, and this is one of their all time favorite groups because of all the different voices that each member contributes. It has become a tradition that on our way home from Thanksgiving dinner that we make sure we listen to this song.

4.) Let it Snow By: Kylie Minogue

Jordan Foldy

This song gets you in the sweater weather spirit. Even though in Florida it doesn’t snow we can still wear cute sweaters to get in the spirit. It is good song for Florida because it never snows here and all the song is asking for is to let it snow.

5.) Mitletoe By: Justin Bieber

Jordan Foldy

I know a lot of people aren’t a big fan of JB but this song is definitely a hit. ¬†It’s a cute song to listen to when you’re just chilling by the fire with your friends. All my friends love this song because it makes them feel upbeat and loves and they think its a reminder of Christmas but its not like all the other Christmas songs.