Sweet 16 Ideas


Jordan Foldy , Staff Writer

A girls sweet 16th birthday is one of the most important birthdays of her life. They want it to be remembered and to be able to tell their children about it.

There are two routes that you can go: you can have a big party at a venue and make everyone dress up or you can have a more laid back one and just relax.

So for the more elegant you could rent a venue and have a theme, which is the route my friend chose. Her theme was purple and black. Her party was huge and she rented out the diner place at Winston Trails. This is a great idea for a sweet 16. Rent out a venue, get a caterer, and make everyone dress up. If you like this idea you can have a big dance routine with you and your closest friends in front of everyone.  This can range from $4,000-$6,800 for the whole party including the dress and stuff like that. This party is big enough for all of your friends and all of your family and is better suited for a certain time of the day.

Another idea is you can go to the beach. This is what I did for my sweet 16. I went to Singer Island and stayed at the Marriott Ocean Point hotel, which was huge and right by the beach. My friends and I roamed around the hotel and the beach, then we hung out in the hotel room and had sandwiches for lunch and pizza and cake for dinner. This idea is not really for friends and family it’s more just for friends. This party choice is a little bit cheaper and can range from $800-$1,500 for everything. This type of party can be an all day thing; my party was from 11am to 11pm and 5 girls stayed the night so we could continue the party the next day.

These two ideas are both great and both rememberable it just depends on what you want for your sweet 16.