Why You Should Be Watching “Black Mirror”


Faith Beaubrun , Staff Writer

Scrolling through your Instagram or Twitter feed it’s not hard to come across a post about the show Black Mirror. Whether it’s about the brain numbing plots or the overwhelming discussions in the comment section; it’s easy to get dragged into the mess. Over the past few years the show has exploded and with good reason; Black Mirror is exactly what people should be binge watching.

If you haven’t heard of Black Mirror here is a short rundown of the general plot. It’s a Anthology series where each director takes on different scenarios in a dsytopian future all relating to the dark side of technology and its consequences. The tech we all can’t live without and concepts being tested for the near future are put under a scrutinizing light within the 4 seasons of the show.¬†Each episode is completely different: new plot, setting and characters. However, the message is always the same. With the way the world is advancing when it comes to technology there is no way that possible misfortunes are not on the horizans.

Take for the example the prospects of virtual reality gaming. In the season 3 episode, “Playtest”, a adventurous man volunteers to test out a new horror V.R game for money that using a person’s biggest fears to get them as scared as possible. Without giving too much away, this episode will have you thinking one way but end another. It’s a mix of Si-Fi, horror, and empathy that will leave you speechless-like nearly all B.M episodes do- and have you contemplating if V.R is really a good thing.

The show also touches on the effect of social media which to some can seem a little redundant; we all know that social media has tons of negative effects on the human psyche. Black Mirror revamps the topic in the episode “Nosedive” where in the future everything we do is “liked” by everyone, even complete strangers with a 5 star rating. Could you imagine a world were your overall “score” determined if you could get on a plane, buy house or get the first available bed in a hospital. People are able to see your profile at all times and give you an instant rate on your appearance and greeting, giving new meaning to “judging a book by its cover”. Having a bad day could lead to someone low scoring you in this social interaction driven world.

There is usually never a happy ending in any episode. The creator, Charlie Brooker, does this on purpose to cause a conversation about topics many people overlook in today’s society. For instance, how will technology influence the military in the future? Could a device be made that gives parents the ability to see everything their child does? What if scientists come up with a way to make humans live forever? Black Mirror explores these ideas while giving people a reality check on the possible dangers of technology.

This isn’t a show that wants to bash innovation or suppress the advancements of science, but make people look at the big picture. In reality it’s the big corporations and government that get the last say in how our world changes. The show is packed with political undertones that aren’t too in your face and some that foreshadowed current events. Like the season 2 episode “The Waldo Moment”, where a loud mouth comedian runs for office and wins by saying outlandish things, showing how ironic and close to real the show can get.

If you like gritty thrillers that will having you going up to your friends and saying “you have to watch this show” then Black Mirror is it. It’s hard not to find a episode that you love, love to hate, or strikes a cord with you. Season 4 is now available on Netflix and with only 19 episodes in total you could be up all night obsessing over this TV master piece.