Meet the Teacher: Mr. Nunziato


Ryan Jayne

Mr.Nunziato in his office

Ryan Jayne, Staff Writer

Mr.Nunziato is going through his first year here as band director. He graduated from FAU and attended Park Vista during his high school career. He plays multiple instruments, including Euphonium and Clarinet. He is looking forward to being the band director this year and has promising plans for the future of the band program. 


Where are you from?


“I am originally from Florida but I grew up in Staten Island, New York.”


What makes you passionate about band and what is your favorite part about teaching band?


“What makes me passionate about band is the variety of musical concepts and the ways you can express yourself beyond just words and phrases.”

“My favorite part about teaching band is teaching my students how to express themselves musically without words.”

Mr.Nunziato loves introducing his students to new concepts, such as music theory.


Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of school?


“I am a very big sports fan, a lot of my time is dedicated to different sports: football, baseball, basketball. Besides that I also still actively perform with different brass bands.”

Mr.Nunziato is an alumni from Florida Atlantic University and still actively supports the football team. 


How does it feel to be a new teacher here?


“To be a new teacher here is fantastic, as my students are very receptive to everything I say and are willing to try new things. A teacher cannot ask for anything, more or less, than to want to experiment and get better and improve everyday.”


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