Ms. Fouchet Dances Through Life


Karen Portillo

Ms. Fouchet enjoys teaching, dancing, and traveling around the world.

Karen Portillo, Staff Writer

A teacher, a mentor, and a dancer all in one. Ms. Fouchet is one of the many dedicated teachers here at Santaluces.  This year, Ms. Fouchet teaches algebra one and the yearbook class. Graduating from Florida State University in 2014, she has been teaching for six years now. Although she entered college for meteorology, after graduating, she began teaching for awhile and grew to love the job. Once she decided this, Ms. Fouchet agreed to go back to school and receive her masters.

When Ms. Fouchet is not teaching, she enjoys dancing, teaching others to dance, going to the gym, traveling, or simply playing with her dog. Out of the three countries she has visited, Ms. Fouchet fell in love with Costa Rica. She mentioned, “Costa Rica is such a beautiful place. The people are extremely friendly and always happy. Likewise, the climate brings the place altogether.”

Dancing for over 24 years of her life, Ms. Fouchet eats, lives, and breathes dance. She teaches dance classes for ages 2 to 26 years old. She remarked, “I am truly passionate about dancing because I love the way it makes me feel. I like teaching it to others because I enjoy seeing the passion other kids have for it. I also have to thank dance for allowing me to meet some of my closest friends.”

When asked what her favorite thing about teaching at Santaluces was, she responded, “I like watching kids grow both academically and literally. I came back to teach at this school because of the impact the teachers here had on me.”

As the junior class sponsor, Ms. Fouchet has goals she wants to accomplish before they leave. She stated, “As their sponsor, I want their prom to be fantastic and fun. So far, we’ve had a successful powderpuff game, but I want them to be more spirited and grow to love their school more now than before they leave as seniors.”

With so many extracurricular activities she participates in, she continues to plan more for her career and family. She revealed, “I can never settle on anything I ever do. My plate is always full. I continue to move up the ladder of extracurriculars. I always want to be successful and happy.”