Freshman Field Day


Dena Fleuridor

The rain caused the first-ever Freshmen Field Day to be moved to the gym.

Valeria Monsalve and Diego De La Espriella, Staff Writers

Almost 300 freshmen packed into the gym Friday as part of the first Freshmen Field Day, hosted by The Freshmen Academy and SGA.

Dressed in bright neon shirts, the SGA members organized games such as a three-legged race and bowling with inflatable pins and balls. Most of the games were supposed to take place outdoors but unexpected rain caused them to be moved inside in the gym.

“I think it was way better than having it outside,” said freshman Carlos Padilla. “The games were fun and entertaining.”

As soon as all of the freshmen filed into the gym, Guidance Counselor Mrs. Renda gave out awards, including most athletic, most fashionable, most organized, and the most comedic member of each tribe.

“I was surprised,” said Angela Rivera-Ramos, who received the most-organized award.

After waiting nearly half an hour, the freshmen were finally allowed to eat. The students had a choice between hot dogs and hamburgers with a variety of chips to choose from and a small bottle of water. The lunch crossed over almost two lunch periods and during that time the students were allowed seconds. At one point there were so many extra hotdogs that two were put into every bun. At the end of lunch Mr. Woods called the freshmen back into the gym to begin the games.

“The food was good because it wasn’t like the school lunch,” said freshman Jeffery Rodriguez.