The Spot: Delray Camera Shop

Ethan Mansdorf, Photo Editor

As one of only two camera shops left in the county, Delray Camera Shop has been selling photography equipment since 1965. What was once a flourishing market across the state with 22 shops in South Florida alone, the photography industry is now just a two-shop operation spearheaded by owner, Chris Reich, Delray Camera Shop in the city of Delray.

Located on 186 NE Second Ave Delray Beach, Florida 33444, the shop has been servicing clients of all ages and experience levels for over 52 years.

“We get everyone in here,” said Reich. “Professionals, amateurs who come because their parents were into photography, and a lot of tourists come by the busload to check the place out.”

The shop offers an eclectic collection of products, services, and specialty items. They are an authorized dealer for, but not limited to:

  • Nikon
  • Leica
  • Zeiss 

plus a plethora of binoculars and telescopes that range from entry level glass to professional spotting equipment. Reich said the only reason they don’t carry Cannon and other brands is because there isn’t enough room in the shop.

Two aspects of Delray Camera that set it apart from its competition

First: The WIDE range of selection that the shop offers

In a generation where everything is digitalized, most camera stores have become “digital-only” one-stop shops for Digital Single-Lens Reflex Cameras (DSLRs) and online product distribution. Delray’s shop has so much more to offer than just the latest and greatest in digital equipment.

The shop maintains a full stock of vintage film cameras that line the walls of the store and fill the glass display cases. They also keep roles of film from a variety of brands and grains lined for use at a moment’s notice. As for services, the shop offers film development, product trials, and a professional photo studio for any family portraits, headshots, or any studio work.

But, it’s important to remember that although they manage a lot of film and vintage work, they still cater to the digital market and keep a stock of many brand-new DSLR cameras and a variety of lenses for all skill sets.

Second: The outstanding source of knowledge and personality that comes with the staff of Delray Camera Shop

Chris, Tom, John, and Marlon are far from the average salesmen, and in a great way. They all come from backgrounds as professional photographers but all in different fields, meaning that they each serve as a well of knowledge for any given field someone could ask for.

They are not only well-informed artists but, they each carry their own style and personalities. Marlon is not just a photographer, but also a comedian, making every trip to the store an exciting one. And owner Chris is a calm, mild-mannered man whose aesthetic and demeanor come straight from the 70’s, and whose heart is still with film development.

Delray Camera Shop is not just a store. Every trip is an experience. It’s fun, vintage, informative, and whatever you need, they can get their hands. The charm of the small shop will have you wanting to come back every day.