My Cousin At Marjory Stoneman Douglas

Jordan Foldy , Staff Writer

My cousin was inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas the day of the shooting. It has been a rough ride for me and my family trying to get through this traumatic experience. My cousin is a sophomore at Stoneman, and he always tells me how much he loves his school and how laid back it is and how many JROTC friends he made this year when he joined.

As soon as I found out about the shooting I texted my cousin to check on him and my aunt who was also at the school waiting to pick up my cousin. I found out that he was in the building next to the one where the attack took place. When he responded he was terrified and said he was able to hear the gun shots loud and clear. The worst part is that when it was somewhat over he still had to wait hours to find out if all of his friends were ok.

While my cousin was still in the school my aunt had to wait on the floor surrounded by a SWAT team with other families. After my uncle picked her and my cousin up my aunt had to leave her car along with my cousins school work for three days after the shooting since it was considered evidence.

Just recently I talked to my mom and she found out that my cousin had known the shooter; he was telling my aunt months ago that the shooter was crazy. We also found out that one of my cousins close friends Peter, who was also in JROTC, was shot in this tragedy.

While on his time off my cousin went to all the walks and memorials that his school participated in to show support and show that we can stop this from happening again. I understand why he felt that he needed to attend he wants to stand up and stand tall for what he believes in.

I feel terrible that my cousin and aunt had to go through this tragedy.

I just recently talk to my cousin about going back to school and he has been going for a week now.

“Being back at school feels a little weird but it’s mostly healing because of the socializing, games, and therapy dogs.” My cousin said. ” I want people people to know that we can prevent tragedies like this one in the future if we work together as one.”