The Harsh Realities of Hurricane Florence


GOES East Satellite

Hurricane Florence approaching the US East coast

Ethan Jayne, Staff Writer

    As Florence barrels towards the East Coast, last minute preparations are going in effect in the Carolina’s.

    Citizens in the Carolina’s have not been through very many hurricanes before, and that is a major reason why this storm is a storm to worry about.

    In some spots, Florence is predicted to produce over twenty inches of rain. As Florence makes landfall, the storm is predicted to slow down drastically and has the potential to stall, which can cause flash flooding.

    But that’s not the only threat. For the coastal regions of the Carolina’s storm surge is predicted to be up to thirteen feet in spots.

    As evacuation procedures are in effect for the Carolina’s, many residents are leaving the area to come to other states such as Florida. Flights have been carrying several evacuees as they come to escape the devastating storm.

    Florence is expected to make landfall in North Carolina as a strong category two hurricane on Friday, making it the first to do so on the North Carolina coast since Hurricane Arthur in 2014.

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