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Dhardely Romiscar

Dhardely Romiscar

Dhardely Romiscar

Remembering Dhardely

The Chiefs family experienced a devastating loss over Thanksgiving break when Junior Dhardely Romiscar passed away. Dhardely had a hormonal affliction but she did not let that change her positive outlook on the world around her. Anyone who knew her knew that Dhardely was a sweet soul who loved makeup and talking to her friends.

Rafael Yaconi, or “Mr. Y” as Dhardely knew him, was her caretaker and would be seen walking around school with her, helping her with anything she might need.

“She was such a nice girl,” said Mr. Yaconi.  “I’m just happy I got the opportunity to meet her.”

Mr. Y attended Dhardely’s funeral on Saturday, December 1st. Many family and friends were able to make it to the ceremony where a picture of a smiling Dhardely greeted them at the entrance.

Principal Robinson presented Dhardely’s parents with a shadow box containing a medallion, a varsity letter, a graduation diploma, lapel pins, and her yearbook photo. Ms. Pavilonis helped put it together so that her parents would have something to remember her time as a Chief.

“Her parents were very appreciative,” said Mrs. Robinson. “We wanted to do something that would last longer than flowers would.”

Although Dhardely is absent from our school, she will not be absent in the hearts of the people who knew her.

“I’m very sad that she’s gone,” said Junior Jessie Saint-Georges, a long time friend of Dhardely. “She had so much of her life left ahead of her.”

Dhardely Romiscar
Dhardely Romiscar
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