Paranormal Cirque Coming to Palm Beach


Paranormal Cirque

Micaela Saravia, Staff Writer

Paranormal Cirque is coming to Palm Beach County for the first time on January 25th. According to the Paranormal Cirque website, the show involves the typical idea of a circus with a horror filled twist.

The show is said to have aerialists swinging around the tent and performing such extreme acts such as balancing through several hoops and bars while in the air. It will also include a mortifying “wheel of death” and a swinging “pendulum of doom.” The circus will include a dark and interactive storyline.

Unfortunately, anyone under seventeen years old will have to be accompanied by an adult over twenty-one. Since this event is different than anything Palm Beach has seen before, there is no doubt it could be a fun activity to experience with your family members.

The Paranormal Cirque will be on 1111 North Congress Avenue, West Palm Beach Fl 33409. It begins at 7:30 but on their website they advise everyone attending to come a hour to 45 minutes early before the show time to guarantee both good parking and seats in the venue. The prices are ranged into different levels: adult level three beginning at 20 dollars and adult level one to platinum costing 50 dollars, also parking costs 5 dollars. The circus contains a “pre-show” in which members of the show walking around the seats scaring the audience and preparing them for what is about to begin.

While many reviews online are very mixed in between some saying “it leaves much to be desired” and others who believe it is “a show that cannot be miss.” However, there is one thing that is prevalent across both types of reviews is that the show contains acts which are different and scarier than from anything anyone expected. Personally, considering this is the first time the Paranormal Cirque is coming to Florida it would not hurt to spend an evening experiencing it and creating memorable moments!